Courses are designed for beginners who want
to master the basic techniques of soap making.

Who are the courses for?

You have never made soap before, but you want to learn how to please yourself and your loved ones.
Or you have already tried to cook natural soap, but faced serious mistakes that cooled your ardor.

You have already tried making soap from an industrial base and want to learn how to make natural soap, but you think that it is difficult and troublesome.

You want to make money selling your own handmade soaps and cosmetics.
Or maybe you want to open your own production of natural soap and build a business

Soap making is an art
accessible to everyone!

What is required for the practical part of the course:


Kitchen scales, containers for mixing oils, wooden and plastic spatulas, a blender or hand whisk, soap molds. An ordinary stove or microwave oven is suitable for heating the soap mass.


Sodium hydroxide (or caustic soda/alkali), olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, citric acid, color pigments, lavender essential oil. Herbs and dried flowers for decoration. For packaging – tracing paper or baking parchment and jute twine.


You can do soap making in any room. The only thing is to take care of the presence of heating devices (stove, microwave oven), sufficient working space and good ventilation.

Making handmade soap is a good option for a home business,
or it could just be your new exciting hobby!

Who should take our courses

Creative people

Ambitious young ladies


who want to turn what they love into a profession

who want to become independent without leaving home and without being distracted from the family

who cares what kind of cosmetics the family uses

Beginner soap makers

Beautiful queens

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle

who want to become the best designer of natural cosmetics in their city

who care about their health and beauty

and all those who care about the ecology and naturalness of cosmetics

The production of handmade soap does not require specific knowledge and large investments; everyone can master the technology of soap making. You do not need to purchase sophisticated equipment, but a creative streak and developed imagination will definitely come in handy. The popularity of handmade soap is due to the exclusivity and naturalness of the components. So everything is built on your ability to make not an ordinary bar of soap, but an original product that the buyer will like.

Make a surprise to someone close to you.
Give a course of soap making!

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